Hello friend. I launched this site over 10 years ago and, when I did, it was meant solely to house my growing wedding photography business. However, as I continued in life, I realized that I am way more than a photographer. Photography is simply something that I do. I want this site to serve as a representation of me and the things I am currently working on.


So, whatever reason you find yourself landing on my site, I am glad that you are here. I would love it if you said "hello" and told me a little about you. I hope that where ever you find yourself in these pages, that you are encouraged, inspired and captivated. Thanks for being you. Now here's me.

I'm glad

you're here

A little

about me.

Everyone has a story - a collection of memories and experiences, highs and lows, that makes up your life. My story is probably much like yours. I have had successes and failures. I have had moments of great joy and walked through unimaginable brokenness and pain. I've had beautiful friendships and have had people who have walked away. I've been proud of myself and I've battled depression and loneliness. I've believed my best days are in the past and I've hoped with expectation toward the future.

Stories of love found and love lost, of new beginnings, of sorrow and mourning in the valley, of joy and of overcoming on the mountaintops. I know that one thing that I always want to do as long as I have breath is share stories; mine and yours.

For this reason, I was drawn to photography which, at it's core, is a story-telling art form. It has allowed me to take the beauty that I see unfolding in front of me, in the way that I see it, and share it with others.

As I've grown, my purpose has narrowed and my passions have become more focused. I found a love for writing and communicating as new vehicles, alongside photography, for story-telling. I found that the things that matter most to me are, in no particular order: creative community and helping others discover who they are and what they are made to do in the world, Jesus and the Church becoming the beautiful thing it was intended to be.

Last, but not least, my five incredible children and being the Dad that will always love them unconditionally and that will raise them to be fearless lovers of people who are empowered to change the world for the better. Everything I do will revolved around these purposes.

More than anything, I want to have left a mark on people to embrace who they are, to allow their curiosity to lead them into creativity and to consider things that are bigger than themselves.

What I know for certain is that every story is beautiful.

And the more that stories are shared, the more people that can find a home in that story; beautiful stories of redemption, of hope, of overcoming, of being okay, of not being okay;

the Cedar Haus

& Studio



Wedding & Elopement Photography

Harthaus is a creative community based in Champaign-Urbana for creatives, entrepreneurs, dreamers, visionaries and thought leaders that revolves around four core values: you matter; your calling matters; community matters; the city matters. The centerpiece of the community is our monthly gathering where we want to connect with friends and be inspired by a speaker from our the community. Our aim is to bring life and beauty to our city through all that we do.

I've been an adventurous destination wedding and elopement photographer for over 10 years and I still am in love with capturing love through beautiful, timeless imagery. No matter where in the world you are exchanging your vows, I would love to be the one to tell your story and preserve it through photographs that you can enjoy the rest of your life. Send me a message and let's grab a coffee or a beer and talk about your vision for your wedding day!

The Cedar Haus is a stunning mid-century home built by renowned architect John Replinger in 1968. Inspired by Scandinavian minimalism and the U.S. West Coast, this beautiful home is now available for hourly rental for photography sessions, film productions and content creation. In addition to the stunning, light-filled living spaces, the Cedar Haus also includes the Garden Room Studio - bathed in natural light and with a variety of backdrop papers at your disposal - you'll fall in love with what you can create in this space!


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