creative director / photographer

All my life I’ve been captivated by the beauty that I see in the world and had a great desire to share that beauty with others. Whether it was the spectacular landscapes I would see out my window as a child on long road trips out West through the National Parks in our red ’85 Dodge Caravan or now in the beauty of the love and connection I see between two unique individuals who have joined together as a couple, I am so grateful for this little invention that has allowed me the ability to capture and share beauty. It’s funny…I never intended to be a wedding photographer. It just found me one Summer as a couple who loved my creative work, asked if I would photograph their wedding. One thing led to another and 45 weddings later, I am now an international destination wedding photographer.  I would be overjoyed to not only photograph your wedding, where ever in the world that may be, but more than that, to capture the beauty in the connection and love that you share and pass it off to you to enjoy for the rest of your lives.