Brad Hart, Creative Director / Photographer

All my life I have had a drive and a passion to, with wide-eyed wonder, see the beauty in the world all around and to make it known to others.  Growing up in Illinois, my family would take long road trips out West in the Summer to visit relatives and friends and to vacation in National Parks.  I would sit in the back seat of our 1985 Dodge Caravan with my little film camera, captivated by the beautiful non-Illinois scenery outside my window.  I would carefully document our journey, the side adventures we would get distracted with along the way and the stunning landscape rising up all around.  I couldn’t wait to develop my film and storyboard the entire trip in an album so that I could relive those wild mountains and beautiful moments over and over and share them with others.  It was on these road trips that a love for photography to share the beauty that I saw in the world began to grow in me.  I never intended to be a wedding photographer.  I always found that industry to be creatively lacking and uninspiring.  In 2008, while living in San Diego, California, I came across a photographer that changed the way I looked at wedding photography.  He photographed weddings the way I photographed everything.  I decided to give it a try just to get it out of my system by bringing my camera to my brother-in-law’s wedding and just taking a few shots which they shared to social media.  After that, couples began contacting me asking what I would charge to photograph their wedding both in California and in the Midwest.  I’ve been doing it ever since.  Now based in Illinois, I am continuing to capture the beauty I see in world and in people through creative, honest photography.



Alisa Nicholle, Photographer / Social Director

Ever since I can remember, I fell into the category of being a creative, whether it was drawing my surroundings, growing up invested in music, or repurposing an outfit to be something new. The older I became, the more my curiosity grew and the more I desired to explore anything that would bring me inspiration. I remember as I began to discover more of who I was, the arts helped me continue to express my identity. Whenever I felt lost or confused, I turned to creation to get me through it all. Photography has always had it’s way of piecing things together for me; a way of captivating a thought, or an expression and telling a beautiful story-line which I couldn’t otherwise put into words. Since beginning my internship with Brad Hart Photography I learned the importance of taking these different elements and applying it all to our work. My love for people continued to grow with each new couple, and the importance of capturing their story grew more deep and wide than ever before. It is with great pride that I am able to say I work for the BHP Team full time, and I truly cannot wait for what’s ahead.