HUMANS 01 | Jeanie + Matthew

  • The LINE Hotel
    Los Angeles, California

I met these two on the rooftop of the LINE Hotel in Los Angeles this Summer.  Jeanie is an incredibly outgoing and bold individual and Matthew is a quiet, introspective artist.  For all their differences, they have an undeniable chemistry together.  I had just got done with an engagement session and was relaxing by the pool and enjoying the DJ and delicious cuisine before flying back to Illinois.  Jeanie and I got in a conversation and found out that she was headed to a wedding that evening with her guy, Matthew.  She doted on him a lot and talked about how talented of an artist he was.  I then offered to take photos of them before they left for the wedding because they were such an cute, genuine couple and the setting was so perfect.  They happily agreed!  We both went back to what we were doing and every once in a while I would look over and see Matthew with pencil in hand, lost in his sketchbook.  I got more and more curious until I finally asked to see what he was creating and he obliged me.  It was a beautifully simple sketch of the rooftop greenhouse next to the pool.  I encourage you to check his work out here.  It really inspired me to go back to my creative roots of drawing.  I used to do it all the time as a kid, but gave up on it for other, more “sophisticated” means of creating.  I’m so grateful to have crossed paths with these two.  If you see someone and feel the nudge, introduce yourself.  You never know where it might lead.