Busy Fall Weekend In Chicago

As we head towards the close of the 2017 wedding season, we are just beginning to break into Fall with all the crisp air, colors, smells and flavors that accompany the season.  We couldn’t have had a better weekend to welcome it.  Saturday was an unforgettable wedding in Northern Illinois with the sweetest couple that, despite the constant downpours throughout the day, were completely relaxed and perfectly in love.  Peyton, from HartHaus Co. joined the photography team for the day and got some elevated shots from atop Brad’s shoulders…not the first time this has happened.  The evening concluded with a donut wall, breakfast for dinner and a lively and crowded dance floor all night long!  Brad even polka danced with the father of the groom!

The next morning, we did a morning-after session with the newly married couple who were absolutely down for anything and everything in spite of it being 50 degrees and windy!  We had them cozy up on some rocks for a few shots and before we knew it they were in the river splashing and swimming fully clothed in spite of the cold weather.  And in true Alisa fashion, Alisa jumped right in with them, fully clothed to get some shots of the action up close.

After drying off and grabbing a hot breakfast, it was off to Chicago for a late afternoon engagement session with a couple who’s wedding we are photographing next year.  Normally we only spend a couple of hours on the session, but with this couple we ended up hanging out for nearly double the time!  We ate squash soup and drank IPAs and just got to know them as we photographed through their Lincoln Park neighborhood and over to the beach where we got to see a spectacular cloud-filled sky just before the last light disappeared over the Chicago skyline.

This job is crazy, and at times exhausting, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.  Enjoy!