Vasquez Rocks Session | Behind the Scenes

This session was the last of six during our recent SoCal Tour over the span of seven days on one of our last nights in Los Angeles, and let’s just say… it was one to remember!


When we first booked tickets out to the West Coast knowing we wanted to book a lot of sessions during our trip, little had we known how demanding of a schedule we would make for ourselves. Scheduling in 6 sessions in the period of 7 days was a lot to take on but we still managed to have clients who absolutely killed it during each one! Callie & Tim were great examples of this! Because of our demanding travel schedule, we rushed our way through L.A. traffic (let’s be honest… we eased our way through!) and managed to arrive on location just in time with the last dwindling light.

A lot of state parks are really strict about their closing times, and most parks close at dusk. So, with our arrival time being a lot later than originally planned we quickly realized we had a short slot of time to get a full session in… 20 minutes to be exact! Callie & Tim were complete troopers though and jumped right in alongside us.


As we find ourselves in these kinds of “compulsive creativity” situations we find that we actually thrive in this kind of set up! Not only does it allow us to think completely on our feet and in the moment, but also really pushes us to embrace ourselves as artists as purely and intuitively as possible. We are so thankful for clients like these two who jump right into shooting and give it their all!

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