JOSHUA TREE SESSION | Stephanie + Dallas

A few months back, we got to collaborate with Brad and Alisa in Joshua Tree, and it was an absolute dream! We woke up early in the morning at the Ace Hotel in Palm springs, and after enjoying the poolside for a hot minute, we all jumped in the car and adventured toward Joshua Tree National Park. Even the drive there was gorgeous and so much fun. Once we arrived, we were all in awe at how vast and gorgeous it truly was. It took no time at all before Dallas and Brad were climbing the highest rock they could get their eyes on. After the boys came down,  we explored as much of the park as we could, always seeming to repeat different variations of the same sentiment in every direction we looked. “I can’t believe how beautiful this all is.” After shooting for a little while, nearly stepping on a rattlesnake, and the sun starting to set, we all hopped back in the car to head to another area in the park. While leisurely driving through the dessert with the windows down, feeling the fresh air sweeping through the car, seeing nothing but silhouettes of boulders and Joshua Trees being backlit by the dessert sunset while a perfectly crafted Spotify playlist plays in the background, it was easy to forget about everything else for a little bit and just live so entirely in that moment.

   We got to the other end of the park, where we were able to get some amazing sunset pictures and all watch as the sun finally disappeared behind the horizon. After what was already such an unforgettable time spent there, the best was somehow yet to come. After packing everything back up, we got back in the car and decided to take the long way out through the far end of the park. In no time at all, peripheral sunset light was replaced by total darkness broken up only by a sky full of the brightest stars we had ever seen. We decided to pull over and turn the car lights off to really take it in. After looking up at it for a minute, we all just laid down on our backs and just starred up at the sky together. All in awe, all so present and all just so happy to be there at that moment. This particular moment will forever be in my memory. It was the absolute best possible way to end our already amazing trip to Joshua Tree with two of our amazing friends. We had the best time, and already cannot wait to get back to that amazing place.

-Stephanie & Dallas